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Julian W. Lash   B.A.(pysch)

Practising Reality Therapy

Vancouver, B.C. Canada

About Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy has been developed by William Glasser M.D.
who practiced pyschiatry for forty years in California.
Reality therapy recognizes five basic needs which are:



Belonging and Love


and that we make the best choices we can
to satisfy these needs. In counselling,
we look at your personal needs and choices in your everyday behaviour.

You can read any of Dr. Glasser's books.
His most recent Books are listed below.
Schools Without Failure
Control Theory in the Classroom
Reality Therapy
The Quality School
Choice Therapy

For More Information About Reality Therapy: The William Glasser Institute

My Resume

1997-July Reality Therapy Certification, Portland, Oregon
1962-1993 High School Teacher, primarily in British Columbia, but also in Ontario, The United Kingdom and New Zealand.
1962 Teaching Certificate,Toronto Teachers College
1961 Bachelor of Arts (pysch)Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada


There is no charge for the first two sessions.
Subsequent sessions are by donation.
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How to Contact Me

Julian W Lash

I am familliar with gay, bisexual and heterosexual lifestyles and families.
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