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Beyond Left And Right

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Free Robert Kahn; a Political Prisoner in San Fransisco!

Welcome to Beyond Left and Right. This site is located in Vancouver, in the Cascadian Bio-Region, (Canada).

Vancouver is located amidst a temperate rain forest which is, to a large extent being cut down to meet the needs of American and Japanese house builders.

My purpose in assembling this site is to counteract some of what has been written about our city and to call for change. While Vancouver has many worthwhile attributes, the quality of reporting leaves much to be desired. The daily newspapers are both controlled by a foreign resident, (who controls the majority of daily newspapers in Canada) and display a right wing bias.

Our municipal government is largely controlled by business interests. One result of this control is an increasing callousness at our city's council. Recent bylaws limit buskers to one per block, one hour at a particular location, and require the puchase of a licence, at a price which is beyond the means of nearly all of the local buskers. Also from our council is a bylaw to limit panhandlers by, for example, forbidding them from sitting on the sidewalk.

These iniatives have been implemented at the behest of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, some of whose members operate night clubs and trendy restauraunts in the downtown core to the detriment of local residents, who have complained of difficulty sleeping when the bars and clubs disgorge their drunken (and frequently loud) suburban customers at two a.m.

These changes come in a time of hardship for many in Vancouver. An increasing number of people are seen picking cigarette butts from the sidewalks, picking thrown-out items from trash cans, (these items are unlawfully sold by sidewalk vendors), panhandling, and illegally offering bus transfers for sale. "Squeegee kids", who wash the windows of passing cars for a donation of a dollar or two, abound. With the exception of panhandlers these occupations have made their appearance within the last couple of years.

The war on the poor continues on different fronts. The Downtown Eastside, which is the poorest urban neighborhood in Canada, has the highest rates of HIV disease of any of Vancouver's neighborhoods.The criminalization of drug use, which, despite ample evidence that prohibition causes the very symptoms it is supposed to cure, also has made it difficult to prevent the spread of HIV. Prostitutes are sometimes reluctant to use condoms, easily being pressured by customers who frequently do not want them,and the difficulty in obtaining syringes can make it hard for drug users to avoid sharing needles.The war on drugs- a war on the poor- goes on, despite dissenting voices from within the academic community, many of the police, and the community at large.

Legal protest is under threat in Vancouver, in November, 1997, during the Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) held here protesters were attacked by police for having diplayed signs which read FREE SPEECH. Display of signs had been limited to a small area where they could not be seen by the press, nor by the world leaders in attendance. Protesters were arrested and released only after agreeing not to protest again during the conference. During the conference,our city looked very much as if a coup d'etat had taken place.There were armed police almost everywhere, helicopters flying overhead at all times and cameras on top of buildings looking down on our citizens.Some of these cameras are still in place and helicopters have since been seen doing search patterns over Vancouver.

More recently, the organizers of protests which occurred on International Women's Day, received a invoice fom the police for the provision of policing during the protests. The bill came to $6,600.00, which the organizers apparently don't have. This calls into doubt the right of anyone other than the wealthier classes to protest acts of government.

And our provincial government has been of little help. Elected as socialists, the New Democratic Party Has turned out to be the banker's best friend. Cuts to health care, education and welfare as well, have taken their toll on our social structures. Now they even speak of cutting corporate taxes!

Our experiences differ little from those of our neighbors in other places. We call for order! We call for the right to walk down our streets unmolested, for the security of our homes, our families and our jobs. We seek a social strucure which will encourage each of us to cooperate, one with the other, rather than engage in the destructive competition that requires so many of us to prey upon our neighbors. The current system, in which a citizen's rights are proportionate to his wealth is a sure sign of disorder.

For 5,000 years governments have promised law and order, and yet in all that time they have brought nothing more than laws. Some of us have drawn the conclusion that governments are, by their nature, unable to bring the order we seek.The answers to our social difficulties lie therefore, not in the political process, but in social action. The call, not for political, but rather social, activism places us squarely beyond both left and right.

A photo of a private security guard chasing a busker from the sidewalk in front of Duthie's Bookstore, on Granville street in Vancouver

This Photo Was Published in a Small Circulation Paper,
THE WESTENDER,   October 2, 1997.
To Read The Accompanying Article, Click On The Picture.



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    Last updated July 13, 1998.

    This site has been compiled by Kurt, a professional beer vendor at Wreck Beach, Canada's first legal nude beach, the most free place in Canada (apart from the woods). I appreciate both comments and questions, so feel free to e-mail
    P.S. I want my foreskin back!
    Beyond left and Right copyright 1998 No one. Use freely, but please do not quote me out of context, nor plagiarize my words!

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    In The News

    From Vancouver, Canada

    August 5, 1998. The government of British Columbia signed a treaty yesterday, at the town of New Aiyansh, with the governing body of the Nis'ga aboriginal people. The treaty marks an end to 100 years of foot dragging on behalf of the governments of British Columbia and Canada. The Nis'ga people's requests for a treaty have been falling on deaf ears since the last century. The deal provides for recognition of Nis'ga title to some of their traditional lands and a cash settlement to compensate for the loss of other lands.The agreement raises concerns from a variety of quarters. Many of the Nis'ga who live outside the reserve, object to the treaty as they may be excluded from benefitting from their ancestral lands. Another concern comes from neighbouring tribes, many of whom have traditionally shared fishing grounds with the Nis'ga. A few weeks ago, on the day the agreement was announced, members of the Nis'ga nation approached members of a neighbouring tribe, who were fishing at a common fishing ground within the new boundarys recognized by the agreement and ordered them to leave. Traditionally, aboriginal peoples often shared resources, such as fishing grounds,a custom which has led to 105 per cent of British Columbia being subject to overlapping land claims. Some native groups are afraid that the deal will divide them in their negotiations with the governments.

    July 30, 1998. The British Columbia government, led by Glen Clarke, will implement retroactive legislation prohibiting citizens from suing it to recover monies which the government stole from area charities. The move is to derail a lawsuit launched by a number of charities in B.C. aiming to recover 100 million dollars. The suit was recently heard in B.C. Supreme Court, which ruled that the government had been siphoning money from local charities for years in violation of the criminal code. the bill is retroactive for twelve years. Some legal experts have been quoted as saying that such tyranny is quite legal.

    July 20, 1998. Local politicians have finally come to an agreement on the installation of cameras at intersections in British Columbia. The stumbling block has not been the morality of spying on the citizenry, but the distribution of the loot. The cameras are, they say, to be placed at intersections with high accident rates. At several intersections in Vancouver,(particularly along Granville street) motorists routinely run red lights, stopping on the crosswalks, stealing the right of way of pedestrians.There is no word yet on whether cameras will prevent these crimes.

    July 20, 1998. Yesterday Marked the aniversary of the day on which Gwen Jacobs took her stroll down the hot, summery streets of Guelph, Ontario. Jacbs beat the summer heat several years ago in the same fashion as the men around her;She took off her shirt. She was charged and then aquitted at a trial which found that she had been discriminated against on the grounds of her gender. Women in Canada celebrate the day by walking topless through the streets of the larger cities. Women who choose to go topless as individuals however are still subject to arrest.

    June17, 1998. Police in Edmonton, Canada wiretapped the phones of three area journalists. This was in an attempt to discover the source of a leaked police department document. The wiretaps were approved by a Justice of the Peace and has brought a cry (no doubt temporary) for a review of the powers of a J.P.

    June 17, 1998 The Alberta College of Physicians is investigating the participation of several local physicians and at least one hospital in a multi level marketing scheme.They have been selling nutritional products to their patients, according to a report from the society. They then pressure the patients to sell the product themselves, turning a profit for the physicians and hospitals with each sale the patients make.The government of Ralph Klein has promoted a decline in business ethics in recent years, which may have led to these acts.

    June17, 1998. The city of Vancouver is apealing the aquittal of David Malmo-Levine. Malmo-Levine, a cannabis activist, was charged with violating the city's anti-postering bylaw. The case went to court in Febuary, with Malmo-Levine defending himself, and being aquitted. The bylaw, which banned posters from all but a small number of locations, is considered the harshest in Canada, and has a wide variety of critics, having been condemned by civil libertarians as well as community and social activists. Murray Mollard, the policy director of the B.C.Civil Liberties Association, said of the bylaw, "We certainly support postering as a time honored means of freedom of expression and an important way of expressing political and other opinions and it's financially more accessable than mainstream media." Even the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that postering is "a historically and politically significant" form of comunication. Alissa Westergard-Thorpe, a social activist says "posters are an important way of comunicating to people and getting the message out about events." Malmo-Levine plans to again conduct his own defense. No court date has been scheduled as of this date.

    June 16, 1998.  Hockey legend Frank Mahovolich was named to the Canadian Senate today. Canadian Prime Minister Jean Cretian made the annoucement a few days ago. The Senate, an appointed body formerly composed of political hacks, will take a step up in the world as a result of the bruiser's appointment. Mr Mahovolich was quoted as saying that he looked forward to finding out what the Senate does (as do the rest of us). Mahovolich was the Prime Minister'second choice for the vacancy, the first hockey player having turned him down. The practice of reserving legislative seats for sports figures is new in Canada and possibly unique in the world.

    June 16, 1998  The B.C. Law Society has finally issued a citation against John Laxton. A former President of the B.C. New Democratic Party, Laxton then President of the publicly owned electric company B.C.Hydro, admitted 26 momths ago that he and his son in law, Richard Coglin had invested the utility's monies in companies controlled by themselves. When Questions where first asked about the deal Laxton initally denied knowing the identity of the owners of the tax-haven registered companies involved . As it turns out, they were the owners! Coglin remains under investigation.

    June 16, 1998  Authorities here have finally charged former M.P. Dave Stupich, his common-law wife and his daughter in the long running Bingogate scandal. The three stand accused of having extorted vasted sums from area charities through a complicated scheme which benefitted the ruling New Democratic Party by over a million dollars. The party repaid the money as soon as this scandal came to light, but then Premier Mike Harcourt's continued delays in a long promised investigation prompted a loss of confidence, so great, he resigned. His successor, Glen Clarke dragged his feet as long as he could, but finally had to acknowledge the need to investigate, leading to the recent charges.

    This is the text of the article as it appeared in the West Ender of October 2, 1997. This is a sidebar to the article below

    A few new bylaws-in their own words